Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts: The College of New Jersey - History Secondary Education, 2022 HIB Certification 2019 Mental Health First Aid Certification 2021

Ms. Rachel Gazzola

Hi! I'm Ms. Gazzola and I am a history teacher here at Carteret High School as well as a Volunteer Coach for the Girls Basketball Team. I teach World History and U.S. History I. I graduated TCNJ in 2022 and I am a former college athlete. I love all topics about History, especially the American Revolution.

Here are some of my favorite things :)

My favorite food is sushi.

My favorite color is pink.

My favorite hobby is working out.

My favorite season is Summer.

My favorite sport is football. Go Bills!

My favorite music is EDM/Dance


Here is how you can reach me:


  • All information for classes can be found on Google Classroom:)

    U.S. I - Period 1

    U.S. I - Period 2

    World History - Period 4

    World History - Period 5

    World History - Period 8

  • Courses of Study: History                                                                                   

    • Craft of History
    • Early World History & Geography
    • Colonial America
    • Modern World History & Geography
    • Imperialism and Colonialism 1500
    • Imperial Russia (1584-1917)
    • American Government
    • Economics in North America
    • Spectacles and Laughter at the Time of Violence and Death in Early Modern Europe
    • Ancient Christianity
    • Looters of the World: European Monarchs, Merchants, and Marauders
    • The United States in World History
    • Greek Mythology
    • Key Moments in Russian History
    • Senior Research Capstone - Philippine-American War
  • Courses of Study: Education

    • Core Skills for Educators
    • Community Engaged Learning
    • Adolescent Learning & Development
    • Schools, Communities, and Culture
    • Social and Legal Foundations of Special Education
    • Teaching Secondary School Social Studies
    • Reading in Secondary Education
    • Pedagogy in Secondary Schools
    • Student Teaching 1
    • Student Teaching 2
    • Professional Capstone


  • Additional Courses of Study:

    • Fake News and Alternative Facts: Information Literacy and Global Citizenship
    • Spanish II
    • Spanish III
    • Gender and Violence
    • How to Disappear: Escape and Reinvention
    • Children's Literature
    • Creative Design
    • Geology