Attendance is important

    Students entering the building after 8:00AM are considered late to school. Upon arrival, students must present I.D., sign-in at the security desk, receive a signed pass, and report directly to their assigned class. The student’s class attendance will be marked as an unexcused late. Students must enter their first period class prior to 8:00AM. Any student entering first period after 8:00AM will be considered late. Students reporting to school after 4th period will not be admitted unless they have an original signed doctor’s note or court appearance documentation. 

    Students entering a class 5 or more minutes late, without a signed pass, will receive a cut. Work missed prior to a late arrival will be calculated as part of the student’s grade. 

    If a student arrives to class 20 or more minutes late without a pass, it is considered a cut, but he/she will also be considered absent from that period. 


    4 unexcused lates to any class will equal one unexcused absence. 


    A student who passes a course with a 65 or above will receive a failing grade if he/she accumulates 11 or more unexcused absences in any subject per semester. Students will be permitted to regain their earned grade by completing credit makeup hours, abiding by a signed parent/student contract established by administration, and participating in a mandatory parent conference. Below are the specific number of unexcused absences based on the course before loss of credit: 


    Full Year Course: 20 periods of unexcused absences 

    Half Year: blocked course (Science): 20 periods of unexcused absences 

    Half Year: unblocked course: 10 periods of unexcused absences 

    Physical Education: 15 periods of unexcused absences 

    Health: 5 periods of unexcused absences 


    A Parent/Guardian must enter the building with an ID to sign his/her child out of school for an early dismissal. 

    Students 18 and over are permitted to leave without a parent signing them out, ONLY if they have a letter on file in the main office. These students still must sign out in the main office. Failure to follow sign out procedures will result in disciplinary consequences. 

    Seniors who are assigned study hall during periods 1, 2, 11, or 12 and would like to either enter the building late or leave the building early (during the assigned study hall period) must have a letter on file in the main office. If there is no letter on file, the student must attend the assigned study hall. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary actions.