Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Berrios

Hi! My full name is Amanda Berrios. My students call me Ms. Berrios or Ms. B.  This is my eighth year teaching in total and my third year at Private Nicholas Minue School. I graduated from Carteret High School myself and went on to study childhood education at Manhattan College. During my sophomore year in college, I decided to enter their five year master's program for special education. After completion of both degrees, I began working in New York for five years. 
I currently teach grades four and five. I work along side the Rutgers Behavioral Program. There are two behavior specialists in my room at all times. In my classroom, I like to keep a steady routine that contains rigorous classwork alongside fun hands on experience. I believe that parent - teacher communication is vital. After all, "it takes a village". 
Lastly, I also coach the varsity softball team as the assistant coach. If your child is interested in extra curricular activities, please let me know. I will do my very best to assist your family as long as your child's grades meet the necessary requirements.