AP Psychology
  • Course Description: The purpose of Advanced Placement Psychology is to introduce you to the systematic and scientific study of the behavior and mental processes of human beings and other animals. You will be exposed in the psychological theories, principles, and phenomena associated with each of the major subfields within psychology. You will also learn about the methods psychologists’ use in their science and practice. 


    Topics to cover:

    • Unit 1 - Scientific Foundations of Psychology (10-14% AP Exam Weighting) 
    • Unit 2 - Biological Bases of Behavior (8-12% AP Exam Weighting) 
    • Unit 3 - Sensation and Perception (6-8% AP Exam Weighting) 
    • Unit 4 - Learning (7-9% AP Exam Weighting) 
    • Unit 5 - Cognitive Psychology (13-17% AP Exam Weighting) 
    • Unit 6 - Developmental Psychology (7-9% AP Exam Weighting) 
    • Unit 7 - Motivation, Emotion, and Personality (11-15% AP Exam Weighting) 
    • Unit 8 - Clinical Psychology (12-16% AP Exam Weighting) 
    • Unit 9 - Social Psychology (8-10 AP Exam Weighting) 


    Please look at College Board's website for more information about college credit. 


    Summer Assignment:

    Welcome to AP Psychology! As an AP student, you are expected to complete an assignment over the summer to better prepare you for the AP Exam. The assignment can be found on Carteret.Schoology.com. Once your schedule is confirmed, join the class named "AP Psychology Summer Assignment" using this access code: D88H-6PH5-DXVXB. You will then find a folder named "Summer Assignment". Use the text provided to answer the questions on the quiz. This assignment will be due the first day of school. See you then!


    Daily links will be provided to join our virtual meetings on Google Classroom. Please join the correct course on Google Classroom for important updates, assignments, and lecture notes.


    Google Classroom Codes:

    Period 2: h6gwyru

    Period 12: zrvfv5f