• PE Grading, Procedures and Rules

    Physical Education Grading Procedures for Mr. Merz's class

    2021-2022 School Year.

    Grading Policy - Grades will be updated in Realtime

    • 75%- Class Participation (performance)
    • 25% - Skills Assessment (skill and physical activity tests)


    • Students will be given a Class Participation grade daily that ranges from 0-5 points
    • If a student is unprepared (no sneakers/physical education uniform) they will receive a ZERO for the day
    • If a student changes and participates in the warm-up exercises and the daily activities, 5 points will be earned

    Students may lose points due to the following reasons:

    • Lateness, not stretching, not exercising, not participating in daily activity, inappropriate behavior, not following instructions


    Physical Education Uniform Policy


    Black or royal blue t-shirt or sweatshirt, navy blue sweat pants or athletic track pants and navy blue basketball (gym) shorts.

    *Shirts must be plain* **A Carteret t-shirt may be worn only**

    Students not in PE uniform will receive a zero.