• PE Grading, Procedures and Rules

    Physical Education Grading Procedures for Ms. Wilson's classes

    2021-2022 School Year

    • Grades will be updated in Realtime  every Friday.

    Grading Policy


    • 75%- Class Participation (performance)
    • 25% - Skills Assessment (skill and physical activity tests)


    • Students will be given a Class Participation grade daily that ranges from 0-5 points


    • If a student is unprepared (no sneakers/ physical education uniform) they will receive a ZERO for the day


    • If a student changes and participates in the warm-up exercises and the daily activities, 5 points will be earned


    • Things that can cause a loss of points:


    • Lateness, not stretching, not exercising, not participating in daily activity, inappropriate behavior, not following instructions


    • Along with daily participation grades, students will be given assignments to be completed throughout the marking period. Assignments can be worksheets, tests, quizzes, etc.


    Phys Ed Uniform Policy


    Black or royal blue t-shirt or sweatshirt, navy blue sweat pants or athletic track pants and navy blue basketball (gym) shorts.

    *Shirts must be plain* **A Carteret t-shirt may be worn only**

    Students not in PE uniform will receive a zero.