• Helpful Driver Theory Information


    Students that have passed the permit test with a score of 80% or higher, have two options for obtaining their permit.

    Option 1 - Once the individual turns 17 years old - they may go directly to any Motor Vehicle Commission office, and obtain their permit.  They would need to take a vision test, and show 6-points of identification.  They must know their social security number, and show proof of address, as well as presenting the certificate I give them after they pass the written test.  They would fill out a permit application and pay the $10 permit fee.

    Option 2 - An individual who is 16 years old, may obtain their permit by doing 6 hours of professional driving instruction, with any professional driving school.  They would also take a vision test, and must show 6-points of identification.  They would fill out a permit application and pay the $10 permit fee.

    Students are free to go to ANY professional driving school.  The Carteret District is no longer affiliated with any driving school.  CHS will not make appointments with any driving school, for any students.  This is the students responsibility.  The student and/or parent can contact any professional driving school you would like to use.  There are many driving schools listed in the yellow pages.  Understand that if your son/daughter does any of their 6 hours of driving lessons during the school day - IT IS NOT AN EXCUSED ABSENCE.  In addition, if you choose to have your son/daughter do driving hours during the school day - A PARENT OR GUARDIAN MUST COME TO CHS TO SIGN THE STUDENT OUT.  The student will not be allowed to simply leave with the driving school instructor.

    Any questions - please feel free to email me at dwilson@carteretschools.org.

    I have included a link below, to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.  At this site, you can view the 6-Point ID Verifcation, which list documents may use during the permit / license process.  This NJ MVC website also has a lot of other information you may find useful.


     Thank you,

    Donna Wilson