• Student                   ATTENDANCE GUIDELINES

    • Students are expected to arrive to class prepared and on time.
    • Students must obtain a late pass if arriving to class late.
    • 5 minutes or more late to class = 1 cut/absence.
    • One hour of detention will be assigned for each cut.
    • Cuts are unexcused absences. Four (4) cuts may result in permanent removal from the class, with no credit earned for the course.
    • More than twenty (20) unexcused absences result in no credit earned for the course.


    Students reporting to school late will report directly to their class if they arrive prior to 8:10 a.m. Students reporting after 8:10 a.m. must sign-in at the security desk. Students reporting to school after 4th period will not be admitted unless they have an original signed doctor’s note or court appearance documentation. Students who miss 50% or more of their first-period class will receive an unexcused absence. They must then report to the Cafeteria for the remainder of 1st period. Students without a late pass will receive a cut if they arrive after 10 minutes has elapsed. Work missed prior to late arrival will be calculated as part of the student’s grade.


    Lateness to class will affect your OTP grade, which is calculated as a FORMAL ASSESSMENT grade. Students arriving to class 5 or more minutes late without a pass will be assigned a class cut.