Before a student/athlete may try-out, practice, scrimmage and/or participate in a game the items listed below must be satisfied – NO EXCEPTIONS.

    1. All students must hand in the signed Athletic Agreement /Emergency Contact Information Form. This form must be completed
    and signed each time a new sport is played. Please make sure that all areas are complete, including signatures and dates.

    2. All students must have the Emergency Medical Information Form on file to participate. All information must be complete or
    form will be returned.

    3. All students must have on file a current History Form, Physical Examination Form and Clearance Form. The History Form must
    be reviewed by your physician at the time of the physical examination. If applicable, also have the Special Needs: Supplemental
    Health History Form completed and signed. The Physical Examination Form must be completed and signed by your physician.
    Please check the form before leaving your physician’s office to be sure all items are completed, especially the CLEARANCES and
    VISION sections. The physician must have completed the Cardiac Assessment Professional Development Module and have
    signed and dated the section on the Clearance Form. Your physical will be returned as INCOMPLETE if there isn’t a
    signature. Read the Scholastic Student-Athlete Safety Act Information Fact Sheet for additional clarification. The physical
    examination is valid for 365 days. If a student has a current Sports Physical on file (within 365 days from the 1st official practice)
    they need only to complete the Health History Update Questionnaire. If you are unsure if your physical is still acceptable contact
    Mrs. Cunha, Athletic Director at 732-541-8960 x4059 or email gcunha@carteretschools.org for assistance or check medical on your student portal.

    4. Parents and student/athletes must read the 2020-2021 NJSIAA Banned Drugs sheet and Consent Form, Sports-Related Concussion and Head Injury Fact Sheet,
    Sudden Cardiac Death in Young Athletes Brochure and Sports-Related Eye Injuries Fact Sheet. Your signature on the Athletic
    Agreement/Emergency Contact Information form acknowledges that you have read the information.

    5. Parents and student/athletes must also view the opioid video.

    6. Your signatures, both parent and student/athlete, on the signature form indicate that you have read/viewed all the necessary information.   

    7. Academic Eligibility-Each student is expected to work as hard in the classroom as they do on the athletic field. Remember,
    you are a student first and an athlete second. The following are the eligibility requirements based on the season:

    • Fall and Winter: Passed 30 credits from the previous school year. (freshmen are exempt).
    • Spring: Passing 15 credits.

    According to Carteret School District Policy any student suspended twice during a semester will not be allowed to participate on a sports team.

    Due Dates for Athletic Forms:

    Fall Sports: July 28

    Winter Sports:  November 11

    Spring Sports:  March 1

Athletic Information

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