• Accounting

    This course covers a broad range of accounting principles. It includes instruction in special journals, posting, trial balancing, work sheets, financial statements, adjustments, and closing ledgers. Students are introduced to computerized accounting. This course is highly recommended for students who are training for many of the business occupations as well as students planning on becoming accountants or business majors at the college level.

     Topics Covered

     Marking Period 1

    Chapter 1 - Starting a Proprietorship

    • The Accounting Equation
    • How business activities change the accounting equation
    • How transactions change Owner’s Equity in the accounting equation

    Chapter 2 - Analyzing Transactions into Debit and Credit Parts

    • Using T Accounts
    • Analyzing how transactions affect accounts
    • Analyzing how transactions affect owner’s equity accounts

    Chapter 3 - Recording Transactions in a General Journal

    • Journals, source documents, and recording entries in a journal
    • Journalizing buying insurance, buying on account, and paying on account
    • Journalizing transactions that affect owner’s equity and receiving cash on account
    • Starting a new journal page

    Marking Period 2

    Chapter 4 - Posting from a General Journal to a General Ledger

    • Preparing a Chart of Accounts
    • Posting from a general journal to a general ledger
    • Proving cash and making correcting entries

    Chapter 5 - Cash Control Systems

    • Checking accounts
    • Bank reconciliation
    • Dishonored check and electronic banking
    • Petty cash

    Reinforcement Activity A

    Marking Period 3

    Chapter 6 - Work Sheet for a Service Business

    • Creating a Work Sheet
    • Planning adjusting entries on a Work Sheet
    • Extending financial statement information on a Work Sheet
    • Finding and correcting errors on a Work Sheet

    Chapter 7 -Financial Statements for a Proprietorship

    • Preparing an Income Statement
    • Preparing a Balance Sheet

    Chapter 8 - Recording Adjusting and Closing Entries for a Service Business

    • Recording adjusting entries
    • Recording closing entries
    • Preparing a Post-Closing Trial Balance

    Marking Period 4

    Reinforcement Activity B

    Rico Sanchez Disc Jockey Accounting Simulation

    Chapter 9 - Journalizing Purchases and Cash Payments

    • Journalizing purchases using a Purchases Journal
    • Journalizing cash payments using a cash payments journal
    • Performing additional cash payments journal operations
    • Journalizing other transactions using a general journal