• Business Law

    Students will understand the history, structure, and operation of the American legal system and the basic principles of law relevant to business operations. They will demonstrate competency by explaining how laws and regulations are created and applied; they will demonstrate an understanding of the legal environment of business.

    Topics Covered

    Marking Period 1 or 3

    Chapter 1 - Our Laws

    • Our Legal System
    • Types of Laws

    Chapter 2 - Ethics and Our Law

    • What is Ethics
    • Reasoning About Right and Wrong
    • How is Ethics Expressed in Our Laws

    Marking Period 2 or 4

    12 Angry Men

    Chapter 5 - Our Criminal Laws

    • Criminal Law
    • Criminal Procedure

    Chapter 6 - Personal Injury Laws

    • Offenses Against Individuals
    • Intentional Torts, Negligence, and Strict Liability
    • Civil Procedure