• Principles of Business

    This course is broad-based and facilitates the integration of academic and technical knowledge necessary for the high performance workplace. Students will use appropriate business software, equipment, and materials to acquire the skills, knowledge, and ability needed to succeed. Business Technology Core standards include business communications, business environment, and career preparation, and job acquisition, economics of business, financial concepts, and functions of business, human resources development, leadership development, and technology.

    Topics Covered

    Marking Period 1 or 3

    Chapter 1 - Economic Decisions and Systems

    • Satisfying Needs and Wants
    • Economic Choices
    • Economic Systems
    • Supply and Demand

    Chapter 2 - Economic Activity

    • Measuring Economic Activity
    • Economic Conditions Change
    • Other Measures of Economic Activity

    Marking Period 2 or 4

    Chapter 3 - Business in the Global Economy

    • International Business Basics
    • The Global Marketplace
    • International Business Organizations

    Chapter 4 - Social Responsibility of Business and Government

    • Social Responsibility and Business Ethics
    • Government Protection Activities
    • Government Regulation and Assistance