Course Description: Drawing 1 is a foundation course designed to introduce the student to the basic techniques used in drawing.  Students analyze and interpret their work using the elements and principles of design.


    They create original works using a variety of mediums and experiment with various types of paper and grounds.


    Students plan and execute complex works such as still life, portraiture, and perspective.


    Prerequisite(s): recommended completion of Art Appreciation.  In addition students should exhibit a genuine desire to study and practice the techniques used in visual art and be willing to build on their skills.


    Deadlines are set so students can pace themselves through the process.


    Classroom policies: All general school policies will be enforced in the classroom.  See your student handbook for details.


    • Students are expected to attend class daily and be prepared.
    • Avoid coming late to class and always have a pass if you are.
    • Avoid too many absences as they will directly affect your participation grade.
    • Use your time wisely during class.



    • Avoid being critical others’ work.  We will have constructive critiques throughout the semester.



    Recommended Supply List:

    Spiral bound sketchbook

    8 X 11, 9 X 12/ 70 lbs.

    Pencils, erasers (preferably sketching pencils and a white eraser)

Class critiques are an important part of the artistic process
Reverse Drawing - white charcoal on black paper