• Carteret High School

    AP Studio Art


    (Full year course) 

    Course Description: This course builds on drawing/painting skills and advance visual communication skills by exploring a variety of processes, techniques, compositional, and aesthetic concepts.

    Prerequisite(s) - Completion of Art Appreciation or Drawing 1, Drawing 2, Honors and teacher recommendation through portfolio review.



    Through practice, application of drawing concepts, and informed decision making students will build a personal body of work that demonstrates a high level of quality and growth over time in content, technique, and process.


    The class culminates with submission of a portfolio made up of 24 works to the College Board in early May. Portfolios are scored by a team of high school and university instructors.


    Classroom policies: All general school policies will be enforced in the classroom. See your student handbook for details.


    *Students are expected to attend class daily and on time prepared to work.

    *In addition to class time, students should expect to work at least 5 hours a week or more at home 

    *Avoid coming late to class and always have a pass if you are.

    *Avoid too many absences as they will directly affect your participation   grade.

    *Use your time wisely during class.

    *Avoid being critical of others’ work. We will have constructive critiques throughout the semester.


    Supply List:


    Spiral bound sketchbook

              8 X 11, 9 X 12 / 70 lbs. / 30 sheets or more

    Pencils, eraser

              Preferably sketching pencils and a white eraser   


              18 X 24 or larger     


    **Students at this level should purchase their own personal supplies to use at home. I can furnish you with a list of products and suppliers if needed.