Drawing 2  Course Information


    (Full year course)

    Course Description: This course provides for further development of the concepts taught in Art Appreciation and Drawing with more intense study of composition and elements/principles of design as applied to two dimensional form.  Curiculum is designed with the student in mind and offers more freedom of choice through a use of themes and big ideas. Students will use a variety of mediums including graphite, pastel, watercolor, and acrylic paint.


    Students plan and execute complex works based of a thematic approach. Students drive their own instruction.


    Prerequisite(s): Completion of Art Appreciation or Design and Drawing I. Additionally, the student in this class should exhibit a genuine interest in visual arts and be willing to build on their skills as an artist.


    Deadlines are set so students can pace themselves through the process..

    Additionally, Students will be expected to work outside the classroom setting on their work.


    Classroom policies: All general school policies will be enforced in the classroom.  See your student handbook for details.


      • Students are expected to attend class daily and be prepared.
      • Avoid coming late to class and always have a pass if you are.
      • Avoid too many absences as they will directly affect your participation grade.
      • Use your time wisely during class.


    • Avoid being critical others’ work.  We will have constructive critiques throughout the semester.



    Supply List:

    Spiral bound sketchbook

    8 X 11, 9 X 12/ 70 lbs. 30 sheets or more

    Pencils, erasers (preferably sketching pencils and a white eraser)


    **Students at this level may choose to purchase their own personal supplies to use at home.  I can furnish you with a list of products and suppliers if needed.