Senior Health

    Health 4

    Topics to be covered:

    • Reproduction and Heredity
    • Pregnancy Birth and Childhood 
    • Adolescence and Adulthood 
    • Family Living
    • Contraception 



    Grading System


          45% - Formal Assessments (tests/projects)


          50% - Performance/Product/Project


           5% - Homework


    My grading will be updated weekly in REALTIME so students are encouraged to follow their grades through the parent portal. If any problems arise or any discrepancies are found, please do not hesitate to bring it to my attention so the problem(s) can be corrected.


    Class Guidelines and Policies

    All Carteret High School policies will be followed in my class as per the student handbook.


    Be respectful to all the students in the class!! Everyone has their own opinions, unique beliefs, and experiences. All will be given an opportunity to be heard if they wish to speak and share. Learn from what others have to say.


    No electronic devices will be allowed in my class at any time for any reason.


    No food or drinks will be permitted in the classroom except for bottled water.


    Be on time and come prepared (pen/pencil and paper) for class or else your grade will suffer. You will be assigned seats and I expect you in the seat shortly after the late bell rings. In order to be on time, you must be in the room before the bell rings.


    If you happen to be absent for any reason, it is your responsibility to find out the assignment from a classmate, myself, or my website and make sure the assignment is completed in a timely manner


    Each student will have their own notebook, a pen or pencil to write with, and a folder for handouts.  Each student will be utilizing Chromebooks everyday and will be using google classroom.