• The following assignment is designated for medically excused Physical Education Students ONLY!!!

    Work for credit in missed P.E. class

    If you are medically excused from Phys Ed class you are responsible by the end of each week you are excused to find a current event article related to Health /P.E, read it, and write a summary of it. Each week that you are out of P.E. class, you must submit a new article with a new summary. The articles can come from any source, i.e. online, newspaper, magazine, etc. The summary must discuss what the article is about and your opinion about the article (do you agree or disagree and why). It must be at least one page in length typed/written. If typed, it must be Times New Roman font, size 12, and double spaced. The article must also be stapled to the paper or can be emailed to me with the link attached to the 1 page typed paper. If completed and explained correctly, you will receive the total points for that week in P.E. class. If not turned in you will receive no points for the week in P.E. class. All papers are due by 2:45pm on the last day we are in school that week (usually Friday). The paper must be handed in to me, or placed in my mailbox in the main office or emailed to me. Please remember to have your first and last name on it and the period you have P.E. class.