• Balsa Wood Truss Bridges

    • The student will take notes on the three main types of bridges. Suspension, Cable stay and Truss Bridges.
    • The student will be able to design a balsa wood truss bridge showing the top and side views.
    • The student will be able to construct a balsa wood truss bridge by utilizing tools and their partners.
    • The student will be able to test their balsa wood truss bridges for efficiency.
    • The student will design a presentation of their balsa wood truss bridges.


    Design and build a balsa wood truss bridge that is as efficient as possible with with the following materials:


    1. Balsa wood stick 1/4" x 1/4" x 36"   5
    2. Paper -- As needed
    3. Glue --   As needed



    • Height: Between 3" - 5"
    • Width:  Exactly 3"
    • Span:    11" - 13"