• Artist's Statement

    The purpose of my work is to give the viewer a pleasing image to look at. I want the viewers to see what they desire to see in my artwork. I want it to be pleasing to the eye and not intimidating. When I create a piece, I first start out with a simple idea and then it grows little by little.   It will grow into something I hope that you, the viewer, will want to examine more closely. I want each piece I make to have the effect of catching the viewer’s eye so that they look closer and see all there is to offer.

    I feel that art should be approachable and that all can take pleasure in it. Whether they do it or just view it. I do not want my art to ever appear threatening. The meaning to each piece I create is simple, but powerful: to take pleasure in life and to make the impossible very possible. I think that my job as an artist and teacher, is to help facilitate the development of a child’s academic abilities, creative abilities and self worth.

    Art is necessary and important in human life. The ability to create one's feelings or ideas is something human kind has always needed to rise to the next step.   Art is a means to a new beginning, it brings us closer to understanding ourselves and others. A world without imagination and creativity would not be a real world to me. I hope that my art will give inspiration to someone to do something they have never done before or to take a chance with something new or different to them. When my art has helped someone succeed, that is when I have truly succeeded as an artist myself.