• National Art Honor Society

    Advisor: Ms. Catrone

    Email: scatrone@carteretschools.org

    The National Art Honor Society recognizes and encourages student excellence in art. As a member of this community, you qualify for scholarships and awards. While in the National Art Honor Society you will participate in community service (which looks great on a college resume), and attend trips to museums and other art related activities! Planning to attend college? National Art Honor Society is recognized by institutions that will assist in helping you gain entry  into a college or university. Being a member of NAHS will mean that you will be recognized at graduation, have a wonderful resume builder, and it is all around a lot of fun!



    Carteret High School’s chapter of the National Art Honor Society continues to be an integral part of the school’s mission to connect students to community.

    Through our partnership with Columbus School Aftercare, we mentor and bring art activities to the students attending the program once a month. In addition, the organization works together with the Mayor’s Office and volunteers their time at many of the community events, painting faces and helping wherever needed.

    NAHS recognizes the importance of advocating for the arts and uses their talent to recognize important celebrations throughout the year like Black History and Women’s History month to name a few. We were there for Stoneman Douglas school sending positive messages of hope and support and remembering our veterans on Valentine’s Day with messages of love and thanks. We’ve spread kindness and inspiration with our Kindness Rock campaign throughout the town.

    Fundraising is a big part of a member’s responsibilities and can include anything from mural painting to door designs, to designer cupcake sales. A large portion of our income is donated to a chosen charity and have included The Mayor’s Children Charity in Carteret, Pencils of Promise, and St Judes, among others.

    Of course, we are available to anyone needing our talents. Last year we were able to make sets of characters for the new Elementary Math program and murals for the elementary school’s Think Tanks.

    We are constantly educating ourselves in the arts by attending events and going on trips to museums whenever possible.

    This is truly a dedicated group of students that exemplify what it means to be a great citizen of the world.

    Art Honor