• Carteret High School Theater Course Offerings:

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    INTRODUCTION TO ACTING: Grades 9 - 12 – 2.5 credits

    Introduction to Acting is designed for students who are interested in learning the basic elements needed to act! Through individual and group exercises, improvisations, and scene work, this class helps students develop their acting potential and sharpen their skills in interpreting scripts and creating character. Students will learn the inner workings of script analysis and the process professional actors go through in order to prepare for an upcoming role. Through the use of different acting methods, students will refine their character development and create realistic relationships and emotions for performance. Through the use of scene study, students will work towards a final performance.

    THEATER PRODUCTION: Grades 9 - 12- 2.5 Credits
    Theater production is designed to prepare students for future careers behind the scenes in the theater world! The course will be designed to teach production aesthetics for a theatrical performance. The beginning technicians will learn to interpret and execute a theatrical designers plans in areas such as costume design, lighting design, makeup design, scenic design, sound design, and properties mastery. The course will teach basic script analysis in order to assist students in figuring out the inner workings and design elements of a theatrical performance.

    ACTING 1: Grades 9 - 12 - 5 Credits
    This is a full year, audition-based course for students who have a strong desire to develop their acting skills. This course is designed for students to achieve their full acting potential through the study of techniques such as Method Acting, Stanislavski System, Meisner Technique, Realism, and acting through games. The course will focus on working towards a performance-ready production, which will allow students to discover the “who, why, where, when, and how” of each character. The course will stress the students' ability to use their bodies, minds, and experiences in a believable, honest way. Finally, this course will help prepare students for college readiness and auditions through the use of monologue preparation, cold reading work, audition workshops, and resume building.