• Carteret High School Band Course Offerings:

    BAND: Grades 9 - 12 - 5 Credits 

    Prerequisite: Student must successfully have completed a middle school band course or be taking private instructions, However, a student who has never played an instrument but has a strong desire to begin instrumental music instruction may enroll in the band program. Provisions are made for beginners. 

    The course is open to all students who desire to learn a band instrument. Band gives the less proficient student an opportunity to perform with the knowledge that he/she is aided and supported by stronger players. The band members may perform at concerts, festivals, competitions, High School football games, and other school and community functions throughout the school year in a variety of ensemble format, the primary ensemble being the Concert Band.

    HONORS WIND ENSEMBLE: Grades 9 - 12 - 5 Credits

    Prerequisite: For advanced players only. By recommendation only, based on ability and the need of the ensemble (i.e. instrument). 

    This course is designed to expand the understanding and awareness of an extremely wide range of musical styles, ranging from Classical, Opera, Jazz, Early Rock, Swing and Big Band, to popular styles of today’s music. The focus will be placed mainly on examining the cultural importance in history of each genre, with relevant examples of each genre studied to maximize effect.

    MUSIC APPRECIATION: Grades 9 - 12 - 2.5 Credits 

    Listen to music everyday and want to explore the meaning and appreciation for music? This course  is a semester long course aimed to act as an introduction to music. In addition to establishing a lifelong appreciation for music, students will establish a deep understanding for the genres of music and music-making process through a series of assignments, assessments and projects. This course encourages students to intelligently explore music as a form of art and as a form of entertainment.

    MUSIC THEORY: Grades 9 - 12 - 2.5 Credits

    Prerequisite: Previous successful completion of Carteret High School vocal or instrumental music course.

    This course is designed to develop skills in; reading music, listening to sounds and being able to identify and describe, discussing and analyzing music, so that beginning students will have a background to use in furthering his/her study of music. The student follows a progressive study of the writing and composing music. Musical understandings are basic knowledge of how music works as a language and how to use this language to communicate with others.